From the Pastor

The upcoming Week of Prayer for Texas Missions and giving to the Mary Hill Davis state missions offering reminds me of an inspiring story. 

Freddy Tyson was a mechanic in San Antonio. He also led a church that met in a friend’s home. The church began as a mission project supported by the Mary Hill Davis Offering.

The church held a worship service several years ago that included five baptisms. One of the new believers baptized was a quadriplegic man. His only means of communication was through responding to questions by moving his eyes. When asked if he had believed the Gospel and trusted Christ as his Lord, the man’s eyes truly were the windows to his soul.

Our eyes saw a huge blessing last Sunday morning with baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We adopted the budget plans for the coming year. We celebrated God’s Kingdom. 

Our eyes look ahead to the new church year. Pray for our Weekday Preschool and Kindergarten as the fall term begins September 3. Our kindergarten teacher, Alicia Green, has her one-year anniversary—her first year of teaching with us was FBCs fiftieth kindergarten class last year!

May you see encouraging fruit and growing faith this week, with eyes trained on Jesus.

For eyes of faith,
Bro. Rick

   September 2019   
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