From the Pastor

As June arrives, we praise God for fewer cases of COVID-19 and more normal activities gradually materializing.  Our VBS June 13–17 will be in-person on the church campus.  Although our VBS team is very wisely going to keep children in smaller groups, and some of the usual features like the snow cone station are not back yet, it is so exciting to anticipate a more normal VBS!  They still need volunteers to help direct traffic for drop-off and pickup in the parking lot.  Call Jill Martin to offer your help: 512-734-0897.

Our choir is expected to begin returning to the choir loft for Sunday worship on June 20th.  Student ministry has opportunities for summer events beginning to reopen.  Hopeful signs are blooming—yeehaw and halleluia!

Still, I expect this summer to be like learning to walk again after lengthy illness has atrophied muscles.  Start with short and wobbly exercises.  Build into stronger and better abilities.  That goes for church life as much as for other relationships and routines this particular summer.

Our next church conference will be Sunday evening July 11th.  Our experiment with a combined potluck meal and conference in May had good results, and we can try it again in July.  Watch for more info as plans develop.

For June, please pray for our VBS team and for all the committee work that will seek God’s direction for planning the coming church year.  Pray that God will bless all the families who participate in VBS with us this month.  And pray that God keeps growing us all in grace and in faithfulness to be fishers of people for Jesus (Mark 1:17).

Yours in Christ,
Bro. Rick

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