From the Pastor

My great-grandfather delivered mail in the Pony Express. My son delivers messages on Instagram. The means of communication have changed dramatically in a few generations. The basic desire to connect with others and express thoughts and feelings doesn’t change. It goes to the heart of being humans created in the image of God. “In the beginning was the Word ...” (John 1:1).

James McLendon and I are planning for a church-wide fellowship in August highlighting “generations of communications.” Let’s line Fellowship Hall with displays of different communication media and technologies that we’ve seen in our lives. Young people at rotary phones, old people at Snapchat! QWERTY keyboards on the latest iPhone and on a 1940 typewriter! Best of all, stories and conversations inspired right there in the moment.

Sunday School classes might want to “sponsor” different displays. Of course, a little food speaks the universal language of fellowship. We can reflect together on how God has spread his Word in our lives. It will be great.

Watch for details and the date.

Yours in Christ,
Bro. Rick

   July 2019   
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